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The world hygiene day, is a big platform for all hygiene related institutions, hygiene wash products and businesses and general healthcare information. World hygiene day is a conventional event and an online platform that aims to become the universal place for the various audiences involved in hygiene.

Through the provision of greater framework, in doing so it intends to gain consensus on how to effectively measure behavioral change and economic impact and how to present and engage policymakers. By establishing the need and basis for a holistic, coordinated approach, the world hygiene day will create clarity around hygiene and the positive impact that could be gained in general health and societal outcomes.

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Bethel Industries Ltd is a family run business providing washroom hygiene products and solutions for over 30 years. We produce liquid soap and detergents for industrial and domestic markets. We are sole agents for some of the most prestigious companies with their washroom hygiene dispensers and consumables. We supply refills for all dispensers and service them when needed.


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World Hygiene Day.

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World Hygiene Day

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The purpose of the event is to commemorate the World Hygiene Day and promote the importance of hygiene in our everyday life, particularly in healthcare.